Avícola de Galicia. S.A.U. (Avigal)

The policy and actions carried out at AVIGAL are aimed at adopting a series of measures that minimise environmental risks. To that end, the environmental issues associated with our activity have been identified and assessed, and those which are significant have been determined in order to take action.

These actions are centred on implementation in productive processes, and focus on possible technological improvements.

AVIGAL's equipment is technologically advanced and energy-efficient, and reduces consumption, increases productivity and generates as little waste as possible.

In keeping with this, water consumption in 2021 was reduced by 7% compared to the previous year, and its continued reduction is planned by making further improvements to the process. Energy efficiency was also optimised compared to the previous year.

In the context of improvements, in 2022, minimizing waste generation was set as an objective, a goal that was achieved by reducing sludges from the treatment of process waters.

The objectives set for 2023, are focused on the progress of our management system, monitoring the control of environmental aspects. Furthermore, it is also expected to implement IT platforms to speed up the tracking of compliance with the legal requirements applicable.

"Our goal is to involve our suppliers, clients and consumers, and society in general, in our commitment to protecting the Environment and preventing pollution, seeking the best solutions for efficient management"

Environmental achievements
During 2022, and the past years as well, Avigal has come to achieve a sensible use of natural resources, water and energy consumption. Thus have located us under the industrie's general rates.

General objectives
The Policy of Quality, Food Safety and Environment are part of the company's global policy. Through guidelines and methods defined in the context of its Integrated Management System, Avícola de Galicia sets out to achieve its objectives.

Abiding by this Policy and taking responsibility for all in its implementation is a vital requirement for fulfilling our mission and reaching the objectives marked out.

AVÍCOLA DE GALICIA, S.A.U.'s Integrated Management System is established in terms of the requirements applicable under the following Standards:

The Integrated Management System of AVÍCOLA DE GALICIA, S.A.U. is established in accordance with the applicable requirements of the following Standards:

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Quality Certificates
  • IFS International Featured Standards: Food security management systems.
  • Specification of Galicia Quality.
  • Compliance with the requirements of customers.
Certificate IFS Slaughterhouse
Galicia Calidade
Galicia Calidade
Certificate IFS Cutting
Enviroment and animal welfare certificates
  • UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015. Environmental Management Systems.
  • Welfare Quality
Gestión Ambiental
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Welfare download